Research & Development
The intention of this project is to develop a system based technology to make available any type of designs in the door step of a weaver. A design center is to be opened in any part of Kerala state facilitated with a server and other facilities. The design center develops color patterns, dobby and jacquard designs suitable for varied products of textile sector particularly for handlooms. The server can also be loaded with design forecast, color forecast, textile directory, FAQ etc. An electro mechanical design box in line with electronic jacquard is to be developed and the same is to be installed in the hand loom throughout Kerala state. Every handloom weaver in the state is to be provided with a password which he/she used to select any deign available in the design pool or any data. A toll free call center can also be devised to assist the weaver in selecting designs or to reach the data like raw material availability, raw material price, textile terms and definitions etc. The service of the design center can also be used by the textile institutions in the state. The proposed Nano hand weaving machine and Loom coat can also be operated using the service of the design center. Certain data open to public can be made available in the website to be launched.

The Textile Design Studio will have the following features.
1. Dobby and jacquard design pool
2. Design directory
3. Fashion and Design forecast
4. Textile market trend
5. Textile enquiries
6. Raw material source
7. Textile terms and definitions
8. Textile news
9. Schemes and services available to handloom sector
10. Central government schemes
11. Suggestion box
12. Web site
Clothing is one among the three basic needs of the civilized human beings. As such, the art of weaving should be encouraged and the youngsters should be attracted to this profession. The handloom industry can generate full time and part time employments. Considering the changed social atmosphere and government view, financially empowering the women in the society means empowering the family. Handloom weaving activity empowers the women folk in a house. The weaving activity should be taken back to the houses, as in past, and treat this as a house hold work. For achieving this object, the look and feel of a handloom should change. The object of this R&D project is to develop a compact and elegantly designed handloom which will find a place in any living area of a house. The proposed loom will be known as Nano hand weaving machine.
It will also be good if the government introduce handloom weaving as one of the subject in the vocational higher secondary schools.

The Nano hand weaving machine will have the following features.
1. A compact and elegantly designed structure
2. Capable of weaving full width fabrics
3. Suitable for weaving fine and medium sort
4. Simplified shedding system
5. Simplified picking system
6. Simplified beating system
7. Sturdy compact sley
8. Automatic let-off and take-up motions
9. Spool loaded warp beam
10. Elevated weaver seat
11. Light weight free style shedding mechanism
12. Semi positive picking
13. Facilitated with shuttle guard
14. High volume weft holder slim shuttle
As far as handloom weaving is concerned, the strategy should be to domesticate this art, so that every household in the state produces cloth of various structure and texture sitting in their own houses and there by a better percentage of our textile requirements can be met with. This will also increase the monthly income of the households particularly the women which in turn develop the life style or living condition of the lower and middle class section of our state.
The social and economical changes that took place among the people of Kerala comparing to the past doesn’t permit them to live under a loom/loom shed or keep a loom in the living room of their home.
To encounter this situation, it is necessary to develop a compact handloom inside a box, which by closing the doors, get converted to a coat for sleeping in the night. This domestic handloom cum coat can be named ‘loomcoat’

The loomcoat will have the following features.

1. A compact loom accommodated in a box coat
2. Capable of weaving full width fabrics
3. Suitable for weaving fine and medium sorts
4. The approximate size of the loomcoat will be 54’’x74”
5. Sturdy compact sley
6. Automatic let-off and take-up motions
7. Spool loaded warp beam
8. Elevated weaver seat
9. Light weight free style shedding mechanism
10. Semi positive picking
11. Facilitated with shuttle guard
12. High volume weft holder slim shuttle
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