Industrial Interventions Kannur


  • Development of Textile Design centre, Domestic handloom cot and nano weaving machine

    The ongoing implementation for research and development work of preparing Domestic handloom cot and nano weaving machine to increase the popularity and acceptability of hand weaving craft to new generation.

  • Technology upgradation and transfer of new technology to Handloom weavers

    This is to supply and install new technological equipments and machineries to promote productivity and value addition and getting more earnings to weavers.

  • Scheme for promoting value added products and branding of products produced by integrated power-loom co-operative societies

    This project is under implementation now. It is for setting up design creation centre to support, develop new designs and products, branding the products through advertisement and exhibitions of 4 integrated powerloom co-operatives in the state.

  • Pilot Project for training in designing and weaving of exquisite handloom fabrics

    Selected 60 weavers are trained and compensated their wages in the production and exhibition conducted for innovative and diversified home textiles, in order to increase the market value of handloom products. Under this project, funded by Government of Kerala during 2011-12. Exhibitions are conducted named as “Looms & Homes” and the website to introduce e-marketing was also launched created in the domain name

  • Integrated Handloom Development scheme (IHDS)

    As part of 12th paln, Government of India has implemented Integrated Handloom Development Scheme (IHDS) for Handloom sector which was popularly known for its cluster approach. Under this comprehensive project, skill development training in weaving, dyeing and design development in 10 handloom clusters in the state was undertaken by this institute funded by HANTEX.

  • Development of Regional brand in Handloom Industry

    Under this project, sanctioned by Government of Kerala, the common umbrella brand name “Kerala handloom” was created along with branding of six handloom regions based on Kasaragode, Kannur, Palakkad, Kuthampully, Chendamangalam and Balaramapuram. The methodology adopted was surveying and studying of traditional art forms, transcreation of designs, product development, awareness programmes and exhibitions with statewide publicity programme implemented during 2008-2012.

  • Demand Oriented Production Programme (DOPP)

    By studying present market, concepts development preparation of paper designs, prototype product development and exhibitions were conducted by Hantex, Hanveev and Irinavu Consortium was undertaken during 2007-09 under the project.

  • Dissemination of Technology to handloom sector to strengthening and update the products for the present market scenario

    Supply of designs, development of new colour combinations, introduction of diversified yarn combinations, demonstration and training in value addition techniques to 500 weavers are undertaken during 2008-10 in this project.

  • Integrated handloom training project (IHTP)

    This is a Government of India funded project for skill development training to weavers for producing innovative designs in handlooms at various clusters in the state.

  • Industry Varsity Linkage programme

    Director of Handloom & Textiles sanctioned this project to utlise the talent in students of this institute to transfer the technology of value addition through design intervention for backlogs of handloom materials of HANTEX Thiruvananthapuram during 2005-06.

  • Professional Designer at HANTEX & HANVEEV

    As entrusted and sanctioned by Director of handloom and textiles, vide proceedings No. HL/F/6993/17 dated 30.10.2017 for the appointment of professional designers through IIHT-Kannur for the design centres run by Hantex and Hanveev.

  • Appointment of Quality Control Inspector

    This project implemented by Govt. of Kerala. The project started with supplying hand loom uniform materials to lower primary school in the Government sector and has been implemented under the patronage of Director of Handloom and Textiles, keeping Hanveev, Hantex and DIC as key players. The project has entered to the next stage by supplying handloom uniforms to all government school students up to class VII.


  • Intensive Training to Handloom Weavers (IHTP)

    The skill upgradation training of weavers in the production of value added handloom products was conducted statewide through a project sanctioned by DH&T, Government of Kerala.

  • New Comers Training

    Presently, most of the societies are facing the problem of lack of trained weavers which badly affects the productivity in handloom sector. And hence it is very essential to conduct skill development training programmes to new comers in the field in order to find a remedy to this problem and to attract more people in this sector.